What is it Like to Be a Wedding Videographer? 

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A wedding videographer will be very familiar with wedding gown. However, that is not the only thing that a wedding videographer will be familiar with. There are several more things that you need to know about a videographer which will tell you more about what it is like to be a wedding videographer. There are some more things about a wedding videographer that you might not know before. The following things below are those things that you will likely meet when you work as a professional videographer like KenChan Production who collaborates with www.femingal.com to provide wedding services. Those things below will show you briefly what you might meet when you work as a videographer for a wedding.

Everything to Begin the Work as a Videographer and to Go On 
There will be several things that you will find working as a wedding videographer which is more than just with a wedding gown. The bride, the groom, the gown and the wedding cake are just a few small part of what you are going to deal with as a videographer. What you are going to find at the beginning is to find the right tool to help you. The camera is what you will need for this job. It might seem quite simple. In fact, it will not be that simple. There are several things that you need to consider when it comes to choosing the camera.

For those who might be thinking of becoming a wedding videographer, this is an important thing that you need to consider before you start. The camera will be an important part of your job. Since the camera is mostly expensive, you need to save much of your money to get it. You need to find the gear that suits you the best. It needs you to invest carefully for this one as you will use it in every job you take. You will also need the best result brought by your camera. This starting point will be very important since you will find the affordable cameras on Ebay.

Going Further with the Education 
The tool is always an important part of being a videographer. However, there are also some more that you will need. Your skill will not just be there. You need to achieve it by doing some more efforts for it. Being videographer will not be that easy, you need to come with skills. This is why you need the right resource to help you achieve those skills needed as a videographer. It will need you to read many books, join some workshops that will enrich your knowledge in videography. To get them all you need to pay for time and cost needed.

It is really not that easy to be a videographer, especially that there are several things that you need to be good at some techniques including the marketing. It seems that there will be many more things you need to master as a videographer. You will need some more knowledge and skills that will help you deal with those things as a professional videographer. You will also find that there are still more to deal with such as the client. All those things will need you to get more experience in order to be a good videographer.

Those Things You Will Find with Client 
Other than those things above that you will usually find for being a videographer at the beginning, there are some more things which will be very useful for you. Your client is the main part of this job. You need to deal with the client every time as long as you work as a videographer. You need to know your client and make them comfortable to have you around them to capture your beautiful moment. Your client will not as inactive as wedding gown or wedding cake. They will ask for your advice. They will complain about something they don’t like.

Being a videographer for a wedding is not that easy as you need to deal with those things above. However, you will find it as an exciting job that you might have your passion in it. Once you are sure that this is the job that you will enjoy, you can pick it as your main job. Some people might not like those things like a wedding gown, wedding cake or the bridesmaid things, but you might find them as the part of the world you love.

The Process of Animated Movie Production

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There are many types of digital entertainment to enjoy. One of them is animated movies. Even though these movies are popular, only a few of people know about the animation production process. What is an animated movie, actually? In a nutshell, it’s stop-frame cinematography. Each illustration, paintings, and drawings are snapped per frame. Each of the frames is slightly different from the others. This gives the movement illusion when they are projected in a particular fps. How is it made? There are 3 stages of production. They are pre-production, production, and finishing. Each of them is quite intricate. Many experts are included, in fact.


The initial process is the most important one. The pre-production includes the finding of concepts. It requires lots of creativity. The prime concepts will turn into a whole story. Once it’s done, the producers need to write the scripts. Not to mention they must think about camera angles and shot sequence. There’s a process called storyboarding. It’s a technique that helps the overall development of the animation process. It includes lots of drawings in a comic strip. Storyboarding is used to help picture the animation. Plus, it helps express ideas well. The storyboarding provides both animation and scene details.


The next phase is the animation production process. Once the storyboard has been passed, the project may enter the production stage.  This is where the real work starts. The production team will use the guidelines made during the previous phase. Several important activities during the production stage are the layout, texturing, modeling, rigging, lighting, and animation. Model creators will use more departments to do their job. The organic model creators usually use a sculpture background. They have the specialization in creating the characters and other simple surfaces. The hard model creators will deal with architectural background and industrial design such props, vehicles, weapons, and others.

Modern animation production companies include 3D graphics to help them build characters and backgrounds. They also hire real actors to digitize the motion at the studio. Lightning is considered a simple job. However, a lightning artist should deal with the entire scenes well. The expert must know how to combine the whole elements into a nice unity. Lighters take lots of responsibilities including defining light properties, placing lights, intensity positioning, and many more. They know both color harmony and theory, after all. It sounds easy but it’s intricate. The lightning experts should do their job carefully.


The final phase is post-production. In the creation of an animation, the final production is all about editing. It includes many tasks that must be done after the shooting or filming ends. The editors will inspect the raw footage for any possible editing. They can insert effects, cut scenes, work with dubbing actors, and more. The prime purpose of animation post-production is sound editing, video editing, compositing, and many others. This will determine whether or not the movie is appropriate to enjoy. The editors will work with many other experts to handle the entire editing process. It may take much time, actually.

taobao english version

In summary, the animation production process takes lots of considerations. The entire phase should be done carefully by the experts. The most difficult part is the concepts creation. It determines the overall quality of the production. The other stages will make it more interesting to enjoy. Still, both production and post-production phase require much attention as well. If neglected, the result will be disappointing. Animation production, in fact, is a coordinated process. Each artist and teams should work together in order to achieve maximum results and goals in a timely manner. A great animation movie is produced by a well-organized team. There is a free range of amateur animation editing software available for free download when you browse through taobao english version website. Enjoy!

Video Editing Tips- Make Your Videos Shine

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The field video recording and editing has significantly revolutionized. Some years back, this exciting area was a preserve for few professionals. But times have since changed. Video recorders and camcorders are now a commonplace. It would be hard to imagine today a phone without a video recorder.
If you are reading this, the chances are that you have ever recorded a video at one point or another. Our concern is therefore not on how to record a video, but how to polish it out and make it shine, for only then will your video stand out from the rest. Whether you’re an amateur looking to edit home-made videos or a highly skilled professional with a burning desire to better your skills, count on the following tips:

1.Capture Enough Footage
Video editing is all about finding perfect shots for each scene and adding some effects rather than taking away. Editing does cuts out a great deal of footage. The appeal of the final product sometimes depends on the options available. When filming, keep in mind that the video will require editing. You may capture shots from different angles, use wide shots or even pan. This will help to make the final product shine

2. Work with a Story in Mind
The essence of video recording is to tell a story. It’s imperative that you keep this in mind. A story is told with photos and audios, and it would be important to give each of them a great deal of respect. Failing to edit audio appropriately on picture cuts makes the cuts come out jarring, inappropriate and the entire story is bound to fall apart. To prevent sound changes from occurring directly on the cut, ensure that you are overlapping or pre-lapping. You want to be concise enough. There is no point of dwelling on the same thing for like ten minutes if you can have the point across in four. A scene may have perfect shots, perfect lighting, and everything to think of, but if not adding to the story, it’s better considered as clutter fit for cutting away from the final product.

3. Learn to Work with Transitions
You’ll notice that, in almost all excellent videos, there is no single shot where the transition from scene to scene is straightforward. Look at the Star Wars, Light vs. Dark, Good vs. Evil, e.t.c. Transitions as impressive as they are could be distracting if not done properly. Most of the modern video editing software come with so many transitions and you might get tempted to get fancy with them. Don’t. Adding a different shift in each cut only distracts the quality of your footage.
4. Create a Storyboard
Most of the today’s editing tools enable you to create a storyboard where you can drag and drop your clips to tell a story. If the footage is missing, the storyboard will tell you. You can easily discover a missing footage even in the absence of the storyboard, and would sometimes be easy to go back and pick the shots again. To make the second shot consistent, ensure you are wearing the same hairdo, the same outfit, and you have the same lighting as the original shot.

Picking the shots again may at times prove difficult or expensive altogether. For example, repeating the shots for a graduation ceremony or a wedding event won’t be all that easy. Here is where the storyboard comes in as it allows you to bypass the clips you haven’t captured. If you were unable to capture the graduation procession, what about incorporating pictures from the official event? Or the standing ovation?

5. Be Creative with Music and Sound Effects
The scene may be the same, but the sound effects and music you incorporate can make a whole lot of difference. You can test with different music to feel this difference. An MP3 Converter allows you to convert your MP3 audio to a format matching your videos. If you want to change your CD’s into MP3 or any other format, a CD ripper should come in handy. These are some of the tools you need to have if you are to succeed in this field.
6. Keep the Audience in Mind
In every edit you make, have the audience in mind. You could be on the scene, and you probably have seen the video so many times such that you understand the whole scene from end to end. But this is different from the audience. Be sure that your edit is aiding the audience know the scene.
7. Learn from Other
It is good to learn from yourself as you slowly improve your skill. However, it would be much better to learn from others. Watch videos that garnered most views on YouTube and take note how they did their editing- how they incorporate background music, how they did their transition and all. The only way to improve yourself is to keep on learning.


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Making a movie has never been more exhilarating as it is in the 21st century! With nanotechnology having shifted from megatechnology. From using humongous cameras to using non other than the very portable GoPro(especially the Hero series). I’m talking toughness, portability and over and above, versatility.
So, first of all, what kind of a movie do you want to shoot? Well, that’s up to you to decide. But as for tip number one, you may want to capture a sort of eye-level vision all through, so here goes;
Stick It On Correctly.
I’m a skater, and one of the things I absolutely relish is a good footage of my routes, yes, with my camera right where my eyes are(or just above). More often than any film enthusiast may desire, people taking such shots err fatally by having their helmets on while mounting their GoPro cameras.
This usually ends up with a film showing the most dramatic of cloud action, and we don’t want that. You want to mount your GoPro camera on before immersing your head into the helmet, that way you can tell what position the camera is at.

2. Do I Have The Correct Angle.
Now, step two gives you a variety depending on how you desire ymto have your action captured. Disclaimer, action cameras(which is what a GoPro camera is) have an extraordinarily wide field of view. Why? Easy. To capture 100% action of course. Sounds incredible, but there’s only one challenge we face shooting a movie, the distortion occurring towards the periphery of the field of view.
I’m certain that if you’re reading this you distinctly understand what I mean by distortion. You may want to narrow down the field of view to kill the shrinking on the sides that happen when in ‘extra-wide’ mode. You may use narrow or medium.

3. Be Spot On.
Something else the camera society abhors are the raw cropping done during the shooting. What you want to do to avoid these unnecessary crops is to first of all wisely select your P.O.V.(Point Of View) so we can keep everyone within the lens’s field of view. Then you want to focus on your buddy’s waist region, if at all you are capturing your friends perhaps on a skate rampage(or snow/skateboarding, though for the latter two, seeing as you are standing on the side, it may prove a challenge, gotta keep your eyes on the road)
At that position, it becomes easier to capture the entire scene simultaneously focusing on your trusty buddy and not cropping their head or roller blades out of the scene.

4. Let There Be Correct Light.
Well, while action cameras are top notch when it comes to versatility, they can as well have their down sides, especially when we factor in lighting. Most are not designed to automatically adjust whenever wherever, this means you may need to be really keen on scene selection.
You probably have this feature on your phone where when taking my photos you just touch at the point where the object you wish to capture appears on the screen and voila, your sacred shot is illuminated. This may apply to GoPro, only one limitation though, it only works with the center of view.
Other than that, you want your baby to be well taken care of, don’t you? Well, you do not want your GoPro darling directly facing the sun while filming. Its hazardous for the lens as it may cause lens flare, and you do not want that.
Another disclaimer, prolonged direct exposure to sunlight if your GpPro device is a death defying move that will not defy death. Your camera’s sensor may permanently be damaged.

5. Parting Shot.
Snap! Snap! Those are just a few tips on how to shoot your movie using only the greatest action camera available. You dont need millions to shoot your own movie, grab yourself a GoPro and D.I Y.
And this is where I grab my GoPro Hero 4, hit the road and hope you do the same.